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Images of the script were taken and are shown below - note I reduced the size of the images so the quality is lower:

Channel flood protection settings:

Channel Flood Protection Settings

Ban Control Settings:

Ban Controls

Auto Greet Editor:

Auto Greet Dialog

Shitlist Manager/Editor:

Shitlist Manager and Editor

Download Logger/Manager:

Download Logger and Manager

File Server Settings Dialog:

FileServer Dialog

NickServ Auto Identify / Auto Ghost Settings Dialog:

Auto Identify
UnderNet Auto-Login Addon for X:

Auto-Login for X at UnderNet Addon
Personal Flood Protection Settings:

Flood Protection
Personal Info you can share on the fly via channel/nicklist popup or by typing /show:

Personal Information Settings

General Settings dialog:

General Settings

SNotice Window for IRC Operators:

Server Notice Window For Opers

Mininimum/Maximum transfer rate for DCC sends:

minimum and maximum dcc bandwidth cps

FTP Ad Settings dialog:

FTP Dialog Editor

General XDCC Settings dialog (now has text file pack list feature):

XDCC Settings Editor
New XDCC dialog for Mass Adding/Removing packs as well as pack info (downloads/size/total size of all packs):

XDCC Pack Editor

TDCC Settings Dialog:

TDCC Setup / Editor

A quick snapshot of the 3 system specs addons in action, DarkEngine, Essense, and GTSDll:

Essence GTSDLL DarkEngine IRC Channel Examples

The new nicklist popup for adding/deleting nicks from Auto-Op, Auto-Voice, Auto-HalfOp, Auto-SuperOp, and Auto-Owner, also displays status of each system (whether on or off) and you can quickly toggle it to the opposite setting by clicking the current status. EX: Clicking "Auto op is ON" below will set it to off and let you know so as well.

Auto Lists Nick List Popup for Auto Op, Auto Voice, Auto HalfOp, Auto-SuperOp, Auto-Owner

!SEEN example from xSeen addon:

seen example from xSeen addon

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