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Polaris SE is an all around user friendly mIRC script. The scripts main objective is to easily allow users to share files among one another over the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) medium. The script has gone through many changes and code revisions in order to to add an increased amount of stability and efficiency. The scripts newer functions help ensure an increased amount of functionality, ease, and quality, making it one of the best scripts to date!

Polaris SE mIRC script contains:

General features:

Multi-Network Auto-Connect on Start allows you to connect to multiple networks when you start Polaris SE

Multi-Network Auto-Join automatically joins channels on connect for defined networks

Channel flood protections

Ban enforcer (auto kicks users that are banned)

Self ban protection with multiple revenge settings (example: ban/kick the op that banned you) and ability to unban yourself additionally with X and/or ChanServ.

Autogreet system to welcome back friends with a custom message when they join the channel.

Shitlist system to auto-ban unwanted users upon joining - both now with dialog editors.

Auto User List system auto-op [+o] / auto-voice [+v] / auto-halfop [+h] / superop [+a] / auto-owner [+q], the latter three depending on your network supporting it.

Nick completer

Nick Alert (alert you if someone says your nick)

Auto Pinger (automatically ping user that types 'ping me' in a channel and inform them of ping time)

Updating Titlebar that includes lag, user modes, online status, current time, server name

An auto-away/away system

Personal flood protection to quickly silence an abusive user as well as a fast way to unignore if it was a friend

Trusted nicknames such as your friends and NickServ, ChanServ, so they don't trigger the personal flood protection.

NickServ auto-identifier and ghoster

Timed request ad to alert other users of something you need

Ability to edit the primary and secondary script colors

Lag Meter

Min/Max CPS to set minimum and maximum cps rate for file sharing dcc sends. If the send speed falls below the min cps it is cancelled. The max cps will prevent all of your upload bandwidth from being used up.

Auto User Modes on connect like +i (invisible) or oper modes (for irc ops)

Display personal info quickly to channel/queries such as your website,email,aol im/yahoo/msn messenger ids

SNotice window for irc ops

Network services updater Automatically load popups for Chanserv/Nickserv or X upon connecting to DALNet or UnderNet)

Import your previous settings from Polaris SE or scripts based on Polaris. This feature has only been refined to ensure complete importing for Polaris SE.

File Sharing:

File server that supports up to 5 triggers which can be changed to ctcp triggers on the fly

Ability to auto-start fserve/tdcc/xdcc/ftp silently, they can respond to !list (xdcc responds to xdcc list)

Reply to !list which will notice users of your file server trigger

Reply to @locator searches to see if files exist on your fileserver

2 line fileserver ad
support for those of you that find your ad being too long for the server to display

File server ban manager to keep off unwanted users

FTP ad system supports up to 5 different FTP ads

DCC Watcher which stops sends if a user parts channels you were file sharing in

TDCC system supporting 5 triggers which can be set to CTCP triggers on the fly, a single TDCC will send one file, example: !rules will send rules.txt to a user

Revamped XDCC system with new features

Dialog XDCC pack editor that allows multiple packs to be added quickly (entire folders, select many files at once)

XDCC System by default generates a pack .txt list and sends that to a user upon a 'xdcc list' message lowering the amount of data you need to send to the server (prevents lag), but you can opt to still spam the packs to the user.

Queue manager allows you to re-arrange or delete queued files from the list of files waiting to be sent, as well as give certain users priority by placing them at the top.


DarkEngine allows you to display your system specs -operating system, motherboard, ram, total hard drives, uptime & record uptime of your system- to the channel/query as well as what you are currently playing in WinAmp (pre-loaded)

Media Displayer allows you to display what you are listening to in WinAmp, display stats for VLC, DC++, PowerDVD, BSPlayer, Media Player Classic, ZoomPlayer, WinAmp, FTPRush, FlashFXP, Everest, System Specs, VirtualDub. For the players it displays what video you're watching. (pre-loaded)

Essence is similar to DarkEngine showing all your system stats, as well as a few additional ones and supports displaying data for torrents, WinAmp, and Last.FM (pre-loaded)

Download logger/manager dialog that keeps track of dcc downloads (pre-loaded)

X login addon for Undernet users (NOT pre-loaded)

Intelligent XDCC/Fserve browser addon (NOT pre-loaded)

Robust !seen addon with multiple network configurations to keep track of when a user was last seen. (NOT pre-loaded)

FiSH for mIRC allows you to speak to other chatters via blowfish encryption, encryption has been popular on various chat protocols including irc networks, it basically obscures what you are saying to one another to 3rd parties. This can be used for fun or paranoia, having it loaded doesn't affect your ability to chat with others as the script will only use encryption if the other person has it loaded and asks for a key exchange. If you exchange personal or private data, it's a good idea to use. An example of using FiSH in a channel: before you do this make sure everyone has FiSH loaded, then make up a key for a channel and set it, give the other users the key via encrypted private message -- and then have them set the key for the channel and now you have an channel that speaks in encryption only. (pre-loaded)

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